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Customer Testimonials

Just before the long weekend, I helped friends load a truck for the Kelowna Kennel dog show. Somehow I threw something out on my left arm and for two days could not move it without excruciating pain. On my way home, I desperately pulled into Ancient Alternatives just before closing and Mars kindly ushered me into a room. He is a master. Within 20 minutes he located the source of the problem and overnight I had use of my arm work minimal discomfort. Thank you so much Mars.

I submitted a testimonial on Mars treatment to my shoulder. I would be neglectful if I didn't share this. 

My GF's dog was diagnosed with a fast acting cancer and told the dog was not long for this world. Mars heard this and suggested herbal pills to treat the tumor. We could not believe the results. The dog lived over 2 more years of a good life before she passed as an old girl.

                                                                                                                                   -  Karen Yuen


All I got to say is Mars helped me to heal my whole body and I was told by the medical doctors I was a lost cause on a number of occasions. The last treatment I had with Mars I had fire strength like of a dragon in my back and he then asked me what I am gonna do when I am healed. I don't know yet, but I will continue to spread my truth.

                                                                                                                                    - TJay

I cannot stress enough the benefit of natural medicines in truly healing issues/ailments you may be facing. Having travelled throughout Asia and invested in many other practitioners in the past, I can confidently say that Mars and his staff provide effective treatments.

I highly recommend you give it a try!

                                                                                                                                      - Jennifer

Hi Mars,

Just wanted to let you know that in the last 2 to 3 months I have been doing much better. I have been walking around with very little limp and on my feet quite a bit more than before. Certainly it seems like I'm making progress!

I really want to thank you for all the treatments and information over the last year. You certainly know what you are doing and although skeptical at first my eyes have been opened up to not only TCM but the unbelievable ability of the body to heal itself.

Thank you again and I'm sure that we will see each other soon. I will certainly keep you in mind and refer you to anybody with chronic pain. All the best.

                                                                                                                      -John Prexler

I can't say enough about how reflexology and deep tissue massage by Mars Zhang has changed my health incredibly. I had scar tissue from a bad fall 30 years ago in my lower back and after even one session with Mars I could not believe the change in how I feel.

Thank you for expertise! I can't wait until my next session!


Professional, knowledgeable and excellent assessment technique. Thank you Mars for helping me with my Wellness.

-Lesli Lorinc

Sending a plug for Ancient Alternatives Okanagan for best massage in the Okanagan! I've been seeing Mars Zhenyu Zhang there for many years for deep tissue. It is intensely painful but incredibly healing. If you're ok with some ...ok a lot of pain this guy will change your life and educate you about your body at the same time. k here to edit text


Quality reflexology is what you will find at AAO. I was visiting from the states and had an opportunity to receive exceptional reflexology from Mars Zhang. He shared some of his vast knowledge of Chinese healing arts during my visit. I recommend the experience of his reflexology.


I really enjoyed the talk. I do not know very much about TCM. It is so different from our way of thinking and our beliefs about the body. I find it rather refreshing in its simplicity. In our medicine in a North America, there is a pill for every ill. And you are right, arthritis is just a word. So simple, yet I could not have figured this out without your input.

I look forward to my next session. 

- Barb

Hi Mars, Both Ralf and I are doing very well because of your wonderful treatments and herbs!!!!! 

- Annegret

Hi Mars. Thanks you for opening your home last night and for bringing Victor to the valley. I really enjoyed the evening. Both Sharon and I are interested in your Tai Chi class when you get started - please let us know the details. thanks again. 

- Dennis

Thank you Victor for the reading and Mars for the very informative conversation and herbs. We had a good laugh. Be well and thank you.

- Janet and Myrt

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