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Ancient Alternatives Okanagan

Ancient Alternatives Okanagan

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Chinese Acupressure Specialist in Kelowna, Call and book your appointment today:  236 420 2066

The most popular Chinese Massage include Tui Na Massage, An Mo Massage, Dian Xue massage and Foot Massage. 

Mars Zhang, Owner of Ancient Alternatives Okanagan

We offer:

*  Chinese Massage Therapy * Foot Massage & Reflexology * Tai Chi Class * Qi Gong Class * Chinese Health Food *

Traditional Chinese Massage

Spring Klansing

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine (an ancient Chinese medical text) advocated cleansing the body during the spring and here at the Yinova Center many of our staff and patients choose this season to follow a gentle and supportive cleanse together. You can read about past Yinova Cleanses here. The liver and gall bladder are the organs associated with the wood element and supporting these organs of detoxification in the spring can help them work better. Many of us suffer from sludgy, sluggish livers and the spring is a great time to gently cleanse and detoxify them.

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Ancient Alternatives: Herbal Remedies For Allergies

Master Herbalist, Victor Shim explains the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to treating allergies. If you have any health question for Victor please enter it in comments and he will answer it in a coming video.