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Ancient Alternatives Okanagan

Ancient Alternatives Okanagan

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Chinese Acupressure Specialist in Kelowna, Call and book your appointment today:  236 420 2066

The most popular Chinese Massage include Tui Na Massage, An Mo Massage, Dian Xue massage and Foot Massage. 

Mars Zhang, Owner of Ancient Alternatives Okanagan

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Traditional Chinese Massage


In Chinese medicine, Autumn is associated with metal and Lungs. In autumn we move from the external, expansive nature of the summer to the internal, contractive nature of autumn. The energy of the lungs is 'letting go", so autumn is a good time to be mindful to let go of anything we may be holding on to so we can make room for new experiences that will help us to learn and grow.

Because autumn is a season also associated with wind - in Chinese medicine considered the cause of 100 diseases - a simple thing like wearing a scarf can ward off cold which is said to enter most easily at the neck. It's an easy way to stay warm, potable and very stylish. 

You might also try practicing a form of breathing meditation for the health of your lungs. Root food as Ginger, Radish, Sweet potato and Pear, Leek as well would help boosting the lungs.

Ancient Alternatives: Herbal Remedies For Allergies

Master Herbalist, Victor Shim explains the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to treating allergies. If you have any health question for Victor please enter it in comments and he will answer it in a coming video.